Mitchellwest Ltd was started by people who cared about the service being supplied to their clients. The objective was to allow the customer a wider selection of equipment options for back up power supply solutions that could be tailored to meet the customers site demands.

It was a strong belief that generator and UPS maintenance should encompass more than oil and filter changes and the basic checks. Our belief was to create a predictive maintenance regime allowing  control back to the customer for organised shutdowns for any repair works that may be required.

We have an ongoing commitment in researching for better working methods and diagnostic equipment too further enhance our working practices

We hold the importance of investing back into the industries future by offering wherever we can opportunities for apprenticeship positions. 

We understand the importance of safe working practices and continually monitor and strive to improve our standard, our commitment to safe working methods is reflected in accreditations held:

                                                        OHSAS18001, SAFECONTRACTORS and CHAS .

We are constantly striving to improve our working practices and looking for cleaner and greener ways to lessen the impact we have on our environment.

Our team all understand the importance of the companies values and in return their commitment and work methods reflect these values.

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